Dedication to Vietnam's urban development

Tokyu PM Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in March 2019
and is a joint venture between Tokyu Corporation and Tokyu Community Corp.
Based on experience in the field of construction, urban development and transport infrastructure in Japan, Tokyu Corporation has been implementing the large-scale urban development in Binh Duong province since 2012.
Tokyu Community Corp. is one of the largest asset management businesses in Japan and has experience in managing various real estate segments such as apartments, buildings, stadiums, halls, airports, schools, parks, etc… Tokyu Corporation and Tokyu Community Corp. cooperate to implement asset management activities in Vietnam.
In Vietnam – a nation with a rapidly developing economy, the pace of urban development will officially continue to accelerate in the coming future. For the living and working environment of Vietnamese people, we always raise the importance of asset management to create the community social asset with high value. We deploy the operational management of various types of buildings and infrastructure on a long-term perspective to contribute to Vietnam’s urban development.
And we hope there will be more images of the extended streets dyed with the tender red glow of the sunrise and sunset of Vietnam.